Gradient tool in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction The gradient tool is one of the most heavily used tools in Adobe Photoshop whether it is the actual gradient tool, the gradient editor or using gradient and masks. You can use gradients for so much in Photoshop which makes it one of the essential tools. What is Gradient? Gradient tool creates a gradual blending between... Continue Reading →

Science Of Learning

There is a pretty well-known quote by Albert Einstein that gets thrown around a lot and it goes like this, If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. And this quote is really insightful and reversing it reveals a pretty powerful piece of study advice. If you learn and understand... Continue Reading →

Self Confidence: The skill

Confidence is not walking into a room thinking that you are better than everyone. It’s walking in and knowing you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone. There’s no thought of comparison or competition with any other human being, you are not above anyone or below anyone and this notion is called “Confidence”. In well-meaning attempts, to... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from Martial Arts

Martial Arts: Life Lessons I’ve been in love with learning martial arts since I was a little kid. And I wanted to be a black belt champion more than I wanted to breathe. So, I trained really hard for a long time and eventually, I made my dream a reality. I found a huge inspiration... Continue Reading →

Digital Painting

Digital Painting (The Whole Process) Note: Do not forget to watch our Production Work Recording of Creating a Digital Painting of Deepika Padukone in Adobe Photoshop by Gaurav Maurya - The Artist at the end of this post. Introduction Digital Painting is a modern approach to traditional art process. It is mostly same as traditional painting but only in... Continue Reading →

Outdated Education System

Prisoners of an Outdated Education System I would like to start this article with a quote from the world-famous physicist Albert Einstein: Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid. I have probably read this quote... Continue Reading →

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