Einstein’s Mind Palace

In this blog post, I want to share a little bit about my fascination with one of the most beautiful minds of the past century namely that of Albert Einstein and about his famous equation: E=MC2 In the year 1999, just when the century ended, the Times Magazine asked for nominations for the ‘Person of the Century’ award. And as... Continue Reading →

Laws of Design

Introduction In this blog post, I am going to tell you about the fundamentals of designing. The principles, and skills that you need to develop and communicate your ideas to be a designer. Here, I am focusing mainly on the graphic design. What is Graphic Design? It is defined as the art of visual communication... Continue Reading →

Importance Of Time Management

I sometimes wonder how is it, that we have more tips and tricks, tools and technology, calendars and checklists than ever before and yet we still always seem to be behind? How is it that we work longer hours, we work faster than we’ve ever moved in history and we never seemed to be caught... Continue Reading →

Select Menu in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction 'Select' menu option in the menu bar of Adobe Photoshop allows us to modify, edit and manipulate our selections. There are various options available in this panel which allows us to make automatic selections based on similar colours and precise borders. All This is the first option is the select panel in Adobe Photoshop. This option allows... Continue Reading →

Depression: The Global Epidemic

I think of depression as one of the most tragically misunderstood words in the English language. And here’s why. Depression has two radically different meanings depending on the context. So, in everyday conversation when people say they are depressed, they use the word depression as a synonym for sadness. Now, this has become a normal human... Continue Reading →

Understanding Channels in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction In this blog post, you will learn how to use channels to make a selection in Adobe Photoshop weather you might want to replace the skies or you want to select something intricate. This is kind of selection method that you might use when all the selection method doesn’t work like color range or select and mask. And that’s... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Art of Body Language

We all are somehow really fascinated by body language and are particularly interested in other people’s body language, for example, an awkward interaction, a smile, or a contemptuous glance, a wink or maybe an unexpected handshake. Obviously, when we think about nonverbal behaviour or body language we tend to think about communication and when we think about communication... Continue Reading →

Type Menu in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction There are a number of ways you can use text while designing in Adobe Photoshop. There is a whole menu panel dedicated to the ‘type’ or text in the menu bar. If you click on that menu-option a drop-down menu will open up where you will find various options available for text. Panel In the type menu... Continue Reading →

Innovation in Entrepreneurship

“Innovation”- It’s not invention, not scientific discovery and certainly not mathematical proof but it is a very important aspect of achieving success. Innovation is the process by which we change the world. To put it simply, it is about making things better, significant and hopefully in meaningful ways. It’s the practical application of ideas and... Continue Reading →

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