Burn, Dodge & Sponge Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction Dodging and Burning are brightening and darkening particular areas of the image to add depth and dimension to it. Principle Any area which is protruding in the direction of light has to be brightened and any area which is facing away from the direction of light has to be darkened. Using dodge tool, we can brighten parts of an image and using burn... Continue Reading →

Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction: The pen tool is the most advanced and accurate way to make a selection in Photoshop. If you need to cut something out of the background then pen tool is the best option. It may take a little bit longer to use the pen tool than some of the other selection techniques but when it... Continue Reading →

Gradient tool in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction The gradient tool is one of the most heavily used tools in Adobe Photoshop whether it is the actual gradient tool, the gradient editor or using gradient and masks. You can use gradients for so much in Photoshop which makes it one of the essential tools. What is Gradient? Gradient tool creates a gradual blending between... Continue Reading →

Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction: Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop, in simple words, is the digital form of our art brushes. As it's a digital version of the traditional form of art brush, it has numerous advantages over the traditional counterpart. It's not only available in different shape and sizes but it also gives us option of creating our own... Continue Reading →

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