Healing Tools in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction: Few of the most important tools in Adobe Photoshop are Healing tools and probably the most used one in the whole software. This particular list of tools in this software is used by different industries for various purposes, starting from retouching the raw images of products like dress and shoes, up to the images of most... Continue Reading →

Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction As Graphic Designing Faculty, I always make sure to start my Adobe Photoshop sessions with an important note: "Adobe Photoshop is all about making and editing selections in one way or the other. If you can't do that properly, then you will be facing a lot of hardships in Adobe Photoshop". It is just to convey the... Continue Reading →

Overview of Tools In Adobe Photoshop

Introduction In this blog post, we will give a brief overview of the tools in the toolbar of Adobe Photoshop. Here, our goal is to make it possible for literally anyone to learn to use Photoshop tools even if you are just a beginner. To know about more advanced features of these tools you can click... Continue Reading →

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