Initial Steps of Becoming an Entrepreneur

In today’s world, a lot of people want to become entrepreneurs. Starting your own business is one of the biggest dreams of our times. But how do you get to be an entrepreneur? In this blog post, we will be get to know, how you can be a successful entrepreneur based on three important factors. Now, the reality is there is a lot more than just three points for being an entrepreneur but the challenge with most people is that most of the time they look for the wrong things. Most of the time, they wonder, is it the right idea, is it the amount of money or startup capital that they have or is it the education that they get on how to run a business.
Well! Those might be the supporting factors for certain circumstances but they are not the actual key that you want to focus if you want to become an entrepreneur. To be able to make that leap first you must focus on these key points.

Understanding the difference between a Job and Entrepreneurship

It is a popular proverb that a job is an alternative for being an entrepreneur. A job is something that you give your time to somebody else in a fixed job description, to get paid a fixed amount of money at the end of the month. And the challenge with this is even if you earn a good wage, the job that you are doing has to be worth more otherwise there will be no or any benefit for the business owner. In other words, by having a job you will always have to settle for less than what you worth. And while doing a job you are trading your need for certainty for a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. And that, unfortunately, forces people to be an entrepreneur as it stops them from embracing the challenges of being able to go forward and contribute something to the world and live their life on their own terms.

Ask Better Questions

Now, this key point, might sound a little obvious but most of the big businesses fail because people don’t ask the right questions. By asking a question it directs the focus of your brain to look in a place where you can have access to more resources and fulfillment.  So, the first question you should ask yourself is, ‘Why you want to become an entrepreneur?‘ Some of us might have the silliest reasons, for example, you want to prove something to someone or you don’t like your job, but here you have to look for a truthful answer. Is it because it provides a pathway especially into today’s society and gives you a way to find and express your passion. Or is it a way of taking control of your own life on your own terms rather than dance to somebody else’s music.
So, if you have a talent of asking better questions like if I knew it was impossible to fail what would I do? If I could spend my life doing just one thing what would it be? If there is something I love to do so much that I would actually pay to do it what would that be? And those kinds of questions would dial you in away from the certainty trap and lead you to a pathway of passion versus certainty. Learning how to approach and accept that level of adversity and uncertainty is really where true entrepreneurs start to shine. Therefore, ask yourself better questions before you start committing to a life that inherently includes more uncertainty.

Upgrade your Peer Group

This is the last and most important key point of becoming a successful entrepreneur, Upgrade your peer group. Our behaviours are conditioned and your environment is your biggest conditioners.
So, choose your environment and choose who you hang out with to become the best version of yourself. Set your intention to be somebody of value and do not accept excuses into your life, therefore people in your life that come up with excuses won’t want to be around you anymore.
One of the tragedies about being an entrepreneur is that when people plan to dive into the entrepreneurial world with their breakthrough ideas and share that with their peer group who aren’t entrepreneurs, the first thing that happens with them, is, they get shot down in flames as if they are dream thieves of society. And that’s not because they are wrong but because by sharing your ambitions with somebody who has lower ambitions. It threatens their model of the world in a way that you could take the excuse away from them to step outside of their comfort zone and most people just aren’t ready for that.
So, choose your companions wisely. Hang out with people who inspire you even if you don’t have them in your immediate circle. Watch the interviews of the famous people who inspire you, read their books and know more about them. Surround yourself mentally with the energy of people who say yes you can, not why, you can’t.
And there are the three key aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur. And if you master these three points everything will automatically fall into place. And you will eventually live the life that you deserve to live as an enlightened entrepreneur.

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