Understanding Channels in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction In this blog post, you will learn how to use channels to make a selection in Adobe Photoshop weather you might want to replace the skies or you want to select something intricate. This is kind of selection method that you might use when all the selection method doesn’t work like color range or select and mask. And that’s... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Art of Body Language

We all are somehow really fascinated by body language and are particularly interested in other people’s body language, for example, an awkward interaction, a smile, or a contemptuous glance, a wink or maybe an unexpected handshake. Obviously, when we think about nonverbal behaviour or body language we tend to think about communication and when we think about communication... Continue Reading →

Type Menu in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction There are a number of ways you can use text while designing in Adobe Photoshop. There is a whole menu panel dedicated to the ‘type’ or text in the menu bar. If you click on that menu-option a drop-down menu will open up where you will find various options available for text. Panel In the type menu... Continue Reading →

Innovation in Entrepreneurship

“Innovation”- It’s not invention, not scientific discovery and certainly not mathematical proof but it is a very important aspect of achieving success. Innovation is the process by which we change the world. To put it simply, it is about making things better, significant and hopefully in meaningful ways. It’s the practical application of ideas and... Continue Reading →

Image menu in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction Image menu is the third panel of Adobe Photoshop after 'File' and edit menu panels. To access this panel, click on the image menu option in the menu bar. Mode The first option on the image panel in Adobe Photoshop is Image ‘Mode’. It is a way of Photoshop to determine how the components of the color are combined. There are... Continue Reading →

The Power of belief

Have you ever felt that your life is stuck on a repeat? Like the same things are happening to you over and over again? For example, you end up facing the same kind of career problems or get stuck in a same toxic situation with your friends and colleagues. Why does this happen to us? If... Continue Reading →

Color Settings in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction To manage color in Photoshop, you need to go ahead and configure your color settings which are located underneath the ‘edit menu panel’ of Adobe Photoshop. As you click on the color setting option, a dialogue box will open up. Even though it may look a bit daunting at first but as you precisely go through it, there... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Break-up

Rejection, we’ve all being there. And there’s no denying that it hurts. This rejection has been a fuel behind countless success stories not just with instances of romantic love but also for those who experience discrimination and injustice. And from my experience, I have learned that adversity can be transformed into something beautiful, motivation, resilience, and originality. Our stories... Continue Reading →

Edit Menu in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction 'Edit' is the second menu option in the upper Menu Bar. Here, you can access and edit different commands in Adobe Photoshop. To understand Photoshop interface and Photoshop, in general, we need to understand these options very thoroughly. Undo (State change) In Adobe Photoshop, you can go back to the previous state of your artwork or design by... Continue Reading →

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