Creativity: A Journey

Creativity is a Journey, Not a Destination Sometimes, ‘very easy’ can be ‘very difficult’. Have you ever been assigned any task which for you is actually very difficult to perform but not for everyone? And that is when you experience frustration. It is similar when a boss comes to a meeting and tells you to think ‘outside the box’.... Continue Reading →

Self Pity

Self Pity: A Disastrous Psychological Sin Think of someone who has hurt you or badly treated you, abandoned you, rejected you or betrayed you in some way or let you down. And think about the effect that had on you, the kind of difficulty or challenge that it imposed on you and the suffering that... Continue Reading →

Steller Alchemy

How Steller Alchemy Emerged into Consciousness Whenever we have a lot of 'one specific thing’, we always tend to take whatever that ‘one thing’ for granted. For example, take the night sky, it is always there. But regardless, I’ve rarely seen people to just stand there and admire the sky. I want to convince all of you, to... Continue Reading →

Purpose of Life

As a teacher, I’ve always been fascinated to watch young students. One of the things, that fascinate me the most, about this young generation and people, in general is, we seem to be hard-wired to disagree with each other. Now, it could be social taboos of religion or politics every one of us has an opinion... Continue Reading →

Procrastination: The Perfect Enemy

Author Steven Pressfield very precisely explained about procrastination it in his book The War of Art, in which he said that it is the thing that keeps you from doing your work. There is always a resistance that you want to get this work done but for some reason, you avoid it at all costs. A few months ago, I... Continue Reading →

Art Of Goal Setting

Goals Well, that's a term me all use to describe our dreams, desires and wishes but what we never realise, everything has some proper, clear and precise ideas and meaning to it. There’s a big difference between having an idea and an actual discovery around the execution and operations of actually building that idea and... Continue Reading →

Science Of Learning

There is a pretty well-known quote by Albert Einstein that gets thrown around a lot and it goes like this, If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. And this quote is really insightful and reversing it reveals a pretty powerful piece of study advice. If you learn and understand... Continue Reading →

Self Confidence: The skill

Confidence is not walking into a room thinking that you are better than everyone. It’s walking in and knowing you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone. There’s no thought of comparison or competition with any other human being, you are not above anyone or below anyone and this notion is called “Confidence”. In well-meaning attempts, to... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from Martial Arts

Martial Arts: Life Lessons I’ve been in love with learning martial arts since I was a little kid. And I wanted to be a black belt champion more than I wanted to breathe. So, I trained really hard for a long time and eventually, I made my dream a reality. I found a huge inspiration... Continue Reading →

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