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Come with us to a faraway place, where we’ll take a peek under the magic carpet. Take a secret tour into the Cave of wonders and discover all the magic hidden in the Agrabah palace.

Aladdin Movie

Aladdin, 2019 movie is the latest Disney live action movie retelling the original 1992 animated classic of the same name and it tells a story of a streetwise thief named Aladdin who comes across princess Jasmine, meets a genie and fights the evil Jafar.

As it is making the jump from animation into live action, there’s no hiding that it is receiving a downgrade. Most noticeably how the jump is becoming visually dull.

One of the stands out elements from the animated film is the way that they used color in order to tell its story while also giving the movie high energy to always make every scene look interesting and fun to watch.

In the remake, however, most of the color got sucked out in favor of adding lots of little details in the environment which doesn’t deliver the same effect so that they can put the focus out of the characters to whom the audience is supposed to pay attention.

Even the CGI isn’t all that appealing, where it only stands out when it features the genie or the animals just being animals.

But as much as there are prominent flaws in the movie, there is still a good amount of elements that help make the feature go up to become the most enjoyable thing to watch.

One of which being possibly the main reason why one would see this film. “Will Smith” as the “Genie”.  The CGI version of the genie is laughable, however when it comes to his performance he actually invertible in capturing the spirit of the character.

In the animated film, it’s Robin Williams being a cartoony Robin Williams and in the remake, it’s Will Smith being a cartoony Will Smith which also allows him to be unique in his portrayal with his charm and humour. 

I find is, there’s only one person who can justify this movie’s existence and that is Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. For the first time in a Disney’s live-action remake, we got a princess who is actually “GOOD”.

So far the ones we got right now have acting and singing skills that range from a plank of wood to a short-circuiting robot, but with Scott’s Jasmine, she is like a breath of fresh air.

It felt like now there’s an actress who actually does care and put the effort in portraying not just a Disney character but also a role model.

While she is a princess what she wants most is to have her own freedom to travel the world and let her voice be heard instead of just serving to the authority of men.

With Naomi Scott’s performance she made it all believable and presents the idea that there is a lot more to her than her royal status.

Now, that was a bit of movie review which was completely about my perspective. But have you ever wondered, what is the real story behind the fantasy of Aladdin and the Lamp?

Both Disney’s animated and live-action movie is about colorful and funny characters singing catchy songs as they fly on a magic carpet but the real  story is actually pretty messed up.

The story of Aladdin is part of a saga called “Arabian Nights” or “One thousand and one nights”. Arabian Nights is a set of folk tales that were passed down orally till the ninth century and then compiled into the bunch of written conversions and translations.

So, the story goes like this, a long time ago a Persian king had a crazy reputation for slaying his new bride after their wedding night and finding a new one in the morning. But there was a clever lady by the name Shaharazad who knew about the king’s reputation.

She was forced to marry this deranged lunatic but she had a little trick up her sleeve. Every night before he went to sleep she would tell the king a story and end it with a cliff hanger to keep him in suspense.

This kept the king hooked while ensuring she would live another night because he wanted to find out how the story ended. The result was a series of folk tales that have been handed down over the years.

They were translated into a bunch of different languages and eventually became a Disney movie.

A common theme in those stories is the cleverness of women to overcome oppression. Each story was a plea for reason and mercy. Through all these stories Shaharazad is trying to influence the king and maybe even brainwash him.

Many of us might know that Aladdin was originally set in China. Because of the storyteller’s Persian roots, Hollywood set the story in The Middle East. And Aladdin wasn’t a crafty orphan either.

The version of the story depicted him as a lazy lad who lived at home with his mother. Seems like far less appealing, right?

No wonder they have changed it…

So, that latest movie release was the seed of my inspiration, no matter what the reviews were. I was always a huge fan of Disney’s animated version of Aladdin.

And there was no better way to celebrate its triumph than creating fan art of that beautiful piece.  

Before digging into that piece, I decided to do some research on Middle Eastern culture and the essence of that genre itself. After writing down some information, I thought it would be a great idea if I alter some of the facts and gave it my own twist.

After reading the story of Aladdin several times I decided to change the pet tiger of Princess Jasmine from Siberian Tiger to a White Bengal Tiger to give it a bit more serene and peaceful look.

To match that theme I kept the Princesses’s hair blonde. Another major change I did was on Aladdin himself. I added a few pieces of jewelry on to him as he was looking a bit faded out standing up with a heavily jeweled princess and genie.

Work in Progress

Like always I started with construction lines and then moved on to the detailed sketching. This part usually takes a lot of brains work as you have to develop the whole idea from scratch.

Developing this step need lots of trial and errors, experimentation and patience. Guys, if you can go through that step then your rest of the piece will turn out well.

From that detailed sketch, I moved on to base color and then adding details. And here’s where you need to get really slow. Adding details is not very tough but is a tedious process.

It needs careful observation and then a successful implementation. I suggest you to listen to some relaxing music or audio books to keep your concentration.

Aladdin Fan Art

After I was done with detailing I moved on to lighting, compositing and color correction part. This has always been my favorite part as you see all your hard work is coming to life.

In this part, you can realize which element is working and what needs to be removed. I finally finished this piece adding some dramatic rim light and color effects.

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