Fashion Retouching

Today’s beauty retouching methods are over-saturated with information on how to retouch images in Adobe Photoshop but sometimes it’s very hard to recognize what we need to retouch to make the subject of the photo more attractive. As the art of retouch is still new there’s no solid fundamental process which we can call the classic way... Continue Reading →

Pulwama Terror Attack

Generally, we, the Learn That Yourself team, distance ourselves from any topic apart from Learning, Education, Motivation Or Help Tricks. But the incident which happened on 14th Feb. 2019, shook us all. Hence we decided to write all the latest developed around this incident and pen down our own views regarding this heinous crime. After... Continue Reading →

Digital Painting – The Whole Process

Introduction Digital Painting is a modern approach to traditional art process. It is similar to traditional painting but in digital form with digital tools. With all the options available on one platform it is becoming a popular art form for the contemporary artist. It may have a high initial investment depending on your choice of... Continue Reading →

Matte Painting: The Whole Process

Introduction: Matte painting is a technique for creating an artificial landscape of any kind which doesn’t exist in reality. It is a part of visual effects that are used in movies and TV shows. Filmmakers generally used this technique to create elements of the shots that were originally not present in the scenario. There are many advanced... Continue Reading →

View Menu in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction View menu in Adobe Photoshop is generally used to set up the look your main work area or workspace. You can access these options through shortcuts or directly from the view menu. Proof Setup This is the first option in the view panel after the ‘custom’ option. As you click on this option it will open up... Continue Reading →

Learn About Yourself

Among some of the greatest barriers to being successful, one key barrier that restricts us is our conditioning that takes place in our subconscious mind from the time when we were infants. We all tend to talk and act like the people around us. Usually, our primitive conditioning is not with some very good ideas and because... Continue Reading →

Filter Menu in Adobe Photoshop

Introduction In this blog post, we will discuss “Filter” menu in Adobe Photoshop. Filters in Adobe Photoshop are like small image editing apps in your phone. They are available inside Adobe Photoshop for easy and fast editing of our images. They have various types of effects and combination of effects can be applied. We can use these filters and work... Continue Reading →

Golden Ratio

Introduction Much like Pi, a golden ratio is an irrational number, roughly approximated to 1.618 and that number is based on a very specific formula. Suppose you have a finite line A. And somewhere, in the middle of that line is a point, separating it into two segments of different lengths. Let’s call the longer line B and shorter... Continue Reading →

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