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Lalit M. S. Adhikari

I am Lalit Adhikari. I'm Blogger, Graphic & Web Designer.
Anatomy of head

Anatomy of Head for drawing

After studying Human Body Proportions, now we will learn about Anatomy of Head. It will include, ‘The Proportions, Shape and Composition of Skull’, ‘How to differentiate between male & female skull’, ‘Placement & Function of Facial muscles’ & ‘How to…

what is adobe indesign blog cover image

What is InDesign

In this blog, we learn about, ‘What is InDesign’, ‘History of InDesign’, ‘Versions of InDesign’, ‘What is InDesign CC’, ‘What is the difference between InDesign CC & CS’, ‘How is InDesign used’, ‘What does InDesign do’, ‘How much does InDesign…