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Understanding Modern-day Leadership

The the first spark of my inspiration stuck when I was a kid, I had a monthly subscription to a Magazine named “GEO”. Well, it was a Photography Magazine and my interest only laid on the last page of that magazine which always had an interview of a person who was not rich or famous but simply a common man or “just an average human”. The theme of that the interview was “I’m One in 7 Billion+”.

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Break down the Creative Barricades

As an artist or designer, one of the most frustrating things that come up against us, is Creative Barricades or Blocks. It is a feeling when you have something you need to do or want to do but and you have no idea what or where to start. ‘Why the motivation is just not there?’  And your mind is completely blank or ran out of thoughts to break down the creative barricades.

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The Real Meaning of Life

You do not fear death; you think that makes you strong. It actually makes you weak.

The Dark Knight Rises…

This is the most brutal truth of life I learned from one of my favorite movie The Dark Knight Rises. We always tend to live in a facade that to win in this game we call “life” we need to be perfect, flawless and strong. But, no one really focuses on what it takes to be that strong and perfect.

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