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As a teacher, I’ve always been fascinated to watch young students. And one thing, that fascinates me the most, about this young generation and people, in general, we seem to be hard-wired to disagree with each other.

Now, it could be social taboos of religion or politics every one of us has an opinion that we seem to defend.

Yet I think one of the things that we all agree is, that we’re living in a time in human history that is absolutely unprecedented, a time that not even our ancestors could have seen in their wildest dreams.

Ask yourself, how many of our ancestors about five thousand years ago would think, if they were given a chance to step into a machine and they are on the other side of the world within hours. 

We are living in a time where the technology is so overwhelming and incredible that even just 20 to 30 years ago we couldn’t have imagined the world that we live in today. But that technology comes at a price as it generates its own level of paradoxes.

  • One of the paradoxes right now is that there is so much information out there that we are literally getting overwhelmed which is leading to confusion. In other words, we learn so much that we do nothing. For every one second the YouTube is up right now there are between five and ten hours of new content uploaded.
  • Another paradox the technology has brought us that in a world of 7+ billion people, we are all a ‘push notification button’ away from each other.

In the world that we are so connected at every single level, then why is it that so many of us feel so alone?

And the evidence of this is everywhere, levels of mental disorders with information overload or prescription drugs for depression at an all-time high.

And one of the reasons for that is so many people are drowning in technology but they are always starving for something more.

We are becoming slaves dictated by life’s pressures, demands, and oppression; I would like to call it a ‘happy prison’. Guilt has become our shackles, shame has become our captor and our inner struggle has become our prison.

We are reinventing slavery all over again, but this time it is all happening within us.  So how do we break free? How do we feel unstuck?

Here, I want to share two game-changing ingredients that will change your life. And these are:

  • Purpose
  • Momentum

‘Purpose’ to me is so much more important than a passport, country of origin or even the name was given to you. Purpose to me is your identity. The purpose is defined as one’s life’s compass.

“The two most important days in your life is the day you are born and the day you discovered why”.

Mark Twain

And the third most important day for me in one’s life is when you align your purpose with your momentum.

In a modern day society we compromise, we tolerate, we settle to our life’s mediocrity and routine.

And then when we are asked how we are doing, we all use a default answer and what is that? It’s ‘FINE’.

So, as a teacher, my life has given me a privilege of mentoring many people from different walks of life.

And I’ve been humbled by the catalysts that I’ve collided with, the experiences that I’ve had and more importantly I’ve consumed the answers to life’s questions.

And I discovered and found out that there are five real-life applications to feeling your purpose in life. And I would like to share this with you.

  • The first real-life application is articulating your intent by tapping into your origin story. Our brain is constantly cluttered with memories of pain, pleasure, sadness, or tragedy and you need to tap in and go back there. And I would like to challenge you and dug deep and identify what your origin story is.
  • The second real-life application is mapping your journey and vision. If any student comes to me and asks me to help them with their life’s goal, the first thing I say is where do you want to end up?  And once you know that it’s easy to deconstruct backward. And it’s time for you to articulate that journey and identify those experiences and moments and paint your visions.
  • The third real-life application that is constantly overlooked is making a contract with yourself. It is about the values that you stand for, the things you are going to tolerate. And more importantly, how you are going to teach people to treat you. And a lot of the time many of us put ourselves at the last.
  • The fourth real-life application is bringing rhythm to your ‘why’. Asking yourself how you are going to attain your purpose in life. We always tend to make ‘resolutions’ since the start of the year like exercising or building up a skill. But how you are going to do that and that is your rhythm. You have to articulate the checkpoints, the milestones and that’s how the rhythm works, the pulse that keeps you moving every day and that’s your activation energy.   
  • The fifth the real-life application is hidden in two of my following questions. What have you done of meaning today? And what are you going to do different tomorrow?  And these questions are to reflect a form of introspection.

And if you sum up these real life’s application here’s what you going to have:

  • When you articulate your intent to discover your purpose you start to create an identity and a vision.
  • When you start to identify where you want to end up you start to get clarity at your purpose.
  • And when you make a contract with yourself, you start to hold yourself accountable.
  • When you boost your ‘how’ to your ‘why’, you start to build a rhythm.
  • And more importantly, when you answer your daily reflection, you start to design introspection and optimize yourself better.

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