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Learn Graphic Design Online for Free by Lalit M S Adhikari at LTY. Our Graphic Design Course Syllabus includes all aspects of Graphic Design field which are required to develop a better understanding of designing.

Hence, helping you to become a better Graphic Designer and developing your base not just for Graphic Designing but also for Animation and aiding Web Designers if and when required.

About LTY Graphic Design Course Online

We have developed the content for our Graphic Design Course after years of learning, working as freelancer, professional and even after teaching for years. The best part is that we intent to keep our Graphic Design Course Free forever.

All you need to do, is to read our blogs in the order we have mentioned below. A Graphic design course description is also given with all the topics present.

Most of the topics have link on them to read but as Graphic Design field is in constant development phase. So, to keep our Graphic Design Course up to date, we may mention a topic earlier and add a link to it later. So, keep re-visiting this page or subscribe to our ‘Newsletter‘ to receive updates as we grow our Graphic Design Course knowledge base.

Learn Graphic Designing Online

Our Graphic Design Course have the following structure:

Basics of Graphic Design

This is a basic introduction to Graphic Design. It includes definition and explanations of all the small and basic terms, you should be familiar with before you start to Learn Graphic Design.

Serial NumberDesign Theory Lessons
1What is Graphic Designing & Everything you should know about Graphic Design
2What is Basics of Design
3What are Elements of Design
4What are Principles of Design
5What is Typography & Anatomy of Text
6What are Laws of Design
7What is Rule of Thirds
8What is Golden Ratio
9What is Color Theory, Color Wheel & Color Schemes | Meaning of Colors | Monochromatic Colors, Analogous Color Scheme, Triadic Color Scheme, Complementary Color Scheme, Split Complementary Color Scheme & Double Complementary or Tetradic Color Scheme
10What is Color, Color Models & Color Mode | Types of Color Mode | Bitmap Color Mode, Grayscale Color Mode, Duotone Color Mode, Index Color Mode, RGB Color Mode, CMYK Color Mode, Lab Color Mode, HSB & HSL Color Mode, Multichannel Color Mode | RGB Vs CMYK | Why most Graphic Software have only 2 Color Mode
11What is Color Management System, Color Model & Color Profile | Why sometimes colors don’t match | RGB Working Spaces | sRGB Color Profile | Adobe RGB (1998) | ProPhoto RGB
12What is Bit & Bit Depth | 8 bit | 16 bit | 32 bit | Bit Depth Vs Color Space | 8 bit Vs 16 bit
List of all Design Theory Lessons

Sketching Necessity for Graphic Design in Animation

Sketching is a necessity for Graphic Design. Although you don’t need to develop your sketch as par level of a Fine Artist. You should have some knowledge and practice of sketching.

Serial NumberAnatomy Lessons Name
1How to draw Human Anatomy
2Anatomy of Head
3Foreshortening in Human Anatomy
4Muscle Anatomy
5Male Anatomy in Comic Style
6Female anatomy in comic style
List of all Anatomy Lessons

Adobe illustrator

Serial NumberIllustrator Lesson Names
1What is Adobe Illustrator
2How to use Line Segment Tool, Arc Tool, Spiral Tool, Rectangular Grid Tool & Polar Grid Tool in illustrator
3How to use Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Start Tool & Flare Tool in illustrator
4How to use Type Tool in illustrator
5How to use Paintbrush Tool & Blob Brush Tool in illustrator
6How to use Eraser Tool, Scissors Tool & Knife in illustrator
7How to use Pen tool in illustrator
8How to use Perspective Grid Tool & Perspective Selection Tool in illustrator
9How to use Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool, Magic Wand Tool & Lasso Tool in illustrator
10How to use Width Tool, Wrap Tool, Twirl Tool, Puker Tool, Bloat Tool, Scallop Tool, Crystallize Tool, Wrinkle Tool in illustrator
11How to use Shape Builder Tool, Live Paint Bucket Tool & Live Paint Selection Tool in illustrator
List of all Illustrator lessons

Adobe Photoshop

Here’s the list of all the Photoshop Lessons:

Serial NumberPhotoshop Lesson Names
1What is Photoshop
2How to create a New Document in Photoshop
3Overview of all Tools in Photoshop
4All Selection Tools in Photoshop
5What is Feather in Photoshop
6Type menu in Photoshop
7How to use Crop Tool, Perspective Crop Tool, Slice Tool, Slice Select Tool, Eyedropper Tool, Color Sampler Tool, Ruler & Note Tool in Photoshop
8Brush Tool, Brush Preset Picker & Brush Panel in Photoshop
9How to use Pen Tool in Photoshop
10History brush tool & Art history brush tool in Photoshop
11Color replacement tool & Mixer brush tool in Photoshop
12Spot Healing brush tool, Healing Brush tool, Content aware move tool, Patch tool, Red eye removal tool, Clone stamp tool & Pattern stamp tool
13What is Gradient & How to use Gradient Tool in Photoshop
14How to use Burn tool, Dodge tool & Sponge tool in Photoshop
15How to use Blur tool, Sharpen tool & Smudge tool in Photoshop
16What is Foreground Color, Background Color, Stroke & Fill in Photoshop
17How to use Eraser tool, Background Eraser tool & Magic Eraser in Photoshop
18Color Settings in Photoshop
19Edit menu in Photoshop
20Image menu in Photoshop
21Select menu in Photoshop
22Filter menu in Photoshop
23View menu in Photoshop
24Window menu in Photoshop
25Channels in Photoshop
26What is Digital Painting
List of all Photoshop Lessons

Adobe Photoshop Artwork’s Techniques:

Serial NumberPhotoshop Tutorial Names
1How to do Skin Retouching in Photoshop (Simple method)
2Retouching in Photoshop & How to do it professionally
3Dual Light effect
List of all Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe InDesign

Serial NumberInDesign Lesson Names
1What is InDesign
List of all InDesign Lesson Names


Art Tips

Serial NumberArt Tip Blogs
1Why you are not becoming a Good Artist
List of all Art Tip blogs


Serial NumberResources List blog
1List of websites with Royalty free images
2List of websites with Royalty free Raw images
List of all Resources list blog

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