Lessons from Superheroes

You do not fear death; you think that makes you strong. It actually makes you weak.The Dark Knight Rises

This is the most brutal truth of life I learned from one of my favourite movie The Dark Knight Rises. We always tend to live in a façade that to win in this game we call “life” we need to be perfect, flawless and strong. But, no one really focuses on what it takes to be that strong and perfect.

Our society discourages Fear. Those who fear are marked as cowered, unfit to live in society.  But we ignore that all of us has a fear, don’t we? We all have something that is blocking us and holding us back.

And as we begin to look at the life we realize that most people are not living their true potential and not doing all the things that they really like to do because of that ‘Fear’.

But we all need to go through this “Fear” to become that epitome of perfection that we all think is essential to becoming a champion in life.

So, Fearis not a symbol of cowardliness. It is a symbol of winning, the courage to live and fight till the last breath. Symbol to not give up on the utmost despair you are in. Fear is a sign that you are alive, not numb from inside.

Fear is a hope that you can still be fixed no matter what situation you are stuck in.

And all of these lessons of life I learned from the superhero movies and TV shows. Superheroes taught me to live passionately.

When I was a kid I mostly focused on the supernatural powers they had, but as I grew up I understood more about their spirit to not give up. Their extreme desire to serve humanity had always inspired me.

They taught me the true value of altruism and benevolence.

They taught me that we don’t need to be an icon when we could be an idea. We should rather represent an idea, a possibility. We must stand up for what is right, even if we are alone. 

And not only it’s important to know that it’s actually possible to choose our future, but it’s necessary that we develop ourselves. And only then we can become the best version of ourselves.

People say be strong and confident in the time of crisis or despair. But the reality is quite different. You run out of all strength when you are in constant despair.

Confidence is like money, you keep withdrawing it and eventually, it will run out. To regain that confidence you need to refill it, and it could only be possible if we win in the fight of life.

I’ve always considered these superheroes as an icon of perfection, but when I learned that they too made mistakes in their life it made me a little more thoughtful than usual.

I started to get less more harsh towards myself. I’ve realized it’s not the superpower that makes them the superheroes; it’s their extreme courage and dedication that drives them to be an icon for the whole of humanity.

I used to watch “Arrow” TV series, and that time I was in a quite dark phase of life. Was searching for inspiration and hope and thought that a fantasy TV show would teach me something.

But to my surprise it really did. Not literally, but I found out that I could relate myself a lot with the Green Arrow. The way he changed himself from a notorious, spoiled playboy to a saviour of his city inspired me in so many ways.

Slowly, I started to follow him, tried to apply his teachings on my life and surprisingly it worked.

In the whole DC universe, superheroes that inspired me the most were Green Arrow and Batman. And the main reason was that they didn’t possess actual supernatural powers, it was their skills and courage that made them the saviour of their city.

They taught me that our past doesn’t define who we are; all that matter is what we do in the end.  They inspired me to stand up on the tough times without losing our hope.

Most importantly they taught me the meaning of team spirit; if we are facing any kind of crisis we should stick to each other rather than fight among us because the real strength lies in unity.

They taught me to love and protect the people we care because at the end a superhero also needs a hero of his own so that he can look up to someone when he falls down.

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