Prisoners of an Outdated Education System

I would like to start this article with a quote from the world-famous physicist Albert Einstein, “Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”

My name is Lalit M S Adhikari and we are at LTY. Let’s begin!

I have probably read this quote a thousand times since my childhood in books and magazine and sometimes I’ve also seen people using this sentence without even knowing its worth. Today’s society is very strange where everyone wants to be a genius. This is an era of achieving perfection but no one really seems to know what it takes to get there.

Now, I would like to say something about today’s education system, the system which is driving the whole world into a path of mass failure. According to today’s education system that says if you don’t go to prestigious colleges and universities, then you have no worth. It doesn’t matter if the student is a gifted artist, a talented singer, a dancer or a poetic writer.

And those students are the fishes that are being judged on how they climb trees because we tend to think that without the “higher education” from prestigious institutions everyone is worthless.

So, it’s the college or living a life of a “certified loser”, you only have two options. And that’s when we lose our ability to learn. This mindset impacts on how we perform in our career. Because of these extreme fear of rejection and failure forces us to follow only those things which we see “successful people” do without even realizing if it is good for us.

So, here’s the thing and probably the most brutally honest truth you will ever hear. There are three types of parents in this modern society and only first two kinds of them will have kids who will possess a chance of being profoundly successful. And the kids of the third kind of parents can only linger in the scale of “ordinary” and “above average”.

The first two kinds of parents are the one who are completely illiterate without any background knowledge of what the education system is and another one is the one who thinks beyond the modern educational stereotypes.

The main reason behind their children’s success is that these kinds of parents don’t rely on the education system. They only know what their child is capable of and don’t judge them on the basis of stereotypes of the educational system.

The third kind of parent is usually the one who binds their child into the realms of what they call ‘good education’. They have no idea what this does to their child’s self-confidence. They lose their identity, their dreams get shattered and they start to believe that they are being completely worthless.

The saddest thing is that the third kind of parent believe more in this outdated education system rather than their own child. I am very surprised that how this system has hijacked the minds of everyone. All of us are running in a blinding rat race.

Now, let me show you the dark side of the education system. If you type these words into Google search right now “University makes me”, can you imagine what will be the first four automatic answers? Anxious, depressed, feel like a failure, stupid.

So, I started questioning why? And the only answer I could find is our education system is outdated. It was built in the 1900s specifically for the Industrial Age. It was built for people to prepare themselves to lead a comfortable and creative life in the early Industrial world.

Let me give you an example, you have smart-phones with you, right, which is integrated with all the latest features and technologies. And you didn’t have that five or ten years ago, all of us want a latest operating system in our mobiles, our laptops and our home appliances.

But, the platform, our education system that impacted the entire humanity is more than a hundred years old and it hasn’t been updated ever since. We live in the information age; this standardized education model is based on the linearity and conformity. And I would say it’s completely getting obsolete. Something that you learn at the beginning of the university is completely obsolete by the time you graduate.

According to a survey, there will be as many changes in between the year 2016-2022 due to exponential technological growth as between 1900 to 2000. And that is more than 200% growth and it’s only the beginning of this exponential curve. Many of the interesting jobs today that we have didn’t even exist five years ago. We don’t live in the era of standardization; we live in the age of customization.

We all want to be unique and we are. And we must start designing our unique education system because we all have different capabilities that don’t resemble with anyone. So, why should our education system be the same? Did you know all the classes that MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) students are taking today; you can also take the same for free?

You can visit websites like edx and many others to learn your desired courses from one of the best universities like HarvardBarkley etc. There are online courses where you can learn anything from programming to photography. So, there you have countless opportunities to turn your passion into your profession. Start educating yourself; it is the first key to success in the era of customization.

To take this journey to next level “finds your tribe”. Now, let me explain what I mean by that. Human beings are social animals; we are naturally inclined to connect with people who are like us. We tend to hang out more with those who have similar values, similar interests, and similar belief system. And we tend to thrive in that environment, this is where we learn.

With the technologies and platforms we have today, there can tribe for practically anything doesn’t matter if you are a graphic designer, a musician or a coder. Now, when you find your tribe there’s something very interesting you will experience which is called “deep emersions”. Deep emersions are powerful, highly inspiring, fun exciting moments that you experience.

And it happens when you come together with your tribe and go deep into a particular topic for a very short period of time and stair some emotions, have lots of fun and make some everlasting memories. And these are the keys to modern self-education that have potential to change the whole world. And world smartest people, whom we call game changer never, quit their education. They simply escape the outdated education system.

And who are those people; they are modern day pioneers like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. We admire them we think they are our inspirations and what we do next? We go back to our old outdated education and bound ourselves to the old norms and a never-ending circle.

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