The Avengers Endgame: Fan Art & Movie Review

Finally, the Avenger’s Endgame is released and it is officially crushing the box office. And I am hoping that majority of you guys have enough time to see the movie as I am speaking about spoilers here.

This amazing movie’s script was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, and they did an amazing job.

It’s been 11 years, 22 films, the untold number of beloved characters and more movies in the pipeline, Russo brothers told us that it would all end here. And they were so confident that they even put the word end in the title itself.

But at the same time it can’t be an ending, can it? Because there are loads more MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies to do, some of them will star some of these characters and some of them will be about those characters.

So the question for all of us was how will it happen…?

So, starting off with first thing is you can’t talk about this movie in isolation as you have to talk about it in the context of Infinity War.

The important thing to note about the infinity war was that it was a genuinely groundbreaking cinematic experience.

But it was only that because it got to cheat. It didn’t have to play by the rules established by other superhero films and the superhero genre altogether or even the MCU.

It just threw them all out of the window and do whatever hell the wanted. They got to walk into a pitch meeting and say that you have spent millions of dollars on getting spider-man back in the fold.

Well, we want to send millions of children home crying by having him disintegrate into dust in Tony Stark’s arms. And that’s a kind of thing you can only get away with in part one, where you can have good guys lose and can have a villain be the most compelling character on screen.

You can have an overwhelmingly sad ending that could throw the future of your entire franchise into question.

And the end game needed to wrap up the rule-breaking film but at the same time bringing back in all of the conventional rules of how to have the good guys win and how to shift the focus all the way back on to them.

If you are interested in the series and have seen all the movies then this will really mean a lot to you. This is the 22nd film in the universe and they incorporated almost every character form all of those films plus a few from the TV shows as well.

The overall plot with the time travel and going back in time was expected by almost everyone but the way that they did it I am sure almost no one has ever expected.

They didn’t use the time stone which is probably the biggest theory of how they were going to save everybody especially after it was so important that Dr. Strange gave Thanos that stone.

When they start to plan for time traveling they mentioned pretty much every famous time travel movie you can ever imagine specifically Back to the Future Part 2.

Seeing the characters making fun of themselves or even making fun of their old costumes was really funny.

One thing I really didn’t expect was Thanos dying in almost pathetic death; although we later find out that that it was Thanos from the past and it was the end that he always wanted.  

The five-year jump also threw me off a lot but it was handled quite nicely. And it didn’t seem forced or unnatural to me at all. It felt that it was meant to be that way.

The eerie vibe of how much lost those remaining felt was very well portrayed here as well. The Avengers that are left seemed to take this loss the hardest specifically Thor who became an alcoholic and gets fat which is funny at times.

But if you look deeper it’s quite depressing and says a lot about his mental state. Natasha also took the loss very hard and tried her best to stay busy.

Hawkeye probably lost the most, losing his whole family along with his team and was probably the most messed up. Out of all the Avengers, he went on a killing spree.

Bruce and Tony were probably the best off after the snap. Bruce finally learned to control the beast having the best of both worlds. And Tony finally settled down with Pepper and had a daughter.

Each character changes so much on the aftermath of Thanos and each had reason to go back and change the past. It was really fascinating.

The writers surely figured these characters out and they showed what drove them and what held them back. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans both gave a phenomenal performance in the movie. 

In the end, Chris’s character goes back with Peggy and lives the life he always dreamt off.

Tony Stark was in the role of reverse Thanos as he had two kids he is fighting for Morgan (his own daughter) and Peter Parker which he saw as his son while Thanos has Gamora and Nebula.

Both snapped their fingers with the stone and in doing so both wiped out the other’s team and loved ones. They both lost everything trying to get to the goal.

And let’s not forget Thanos saying “I am inevitable” while Tony says “I am Iron Man”. I loved the way he celebrated at the end. It’s a real tear jerker especially if you are interested in the series.

Watching all the characters joining the original Avengers was really emotional. Starting with Black Panther was a perfect choice and hearing their chant again gave me chills.

It was crazy how many characters came out to fight. There were too many even to count, the Guardians, Doctor Strange, Falcon, Bucky, Spiderman, Scarlet Witch, Valkyrie and so on.

And it might be just the best team up that I’ve ever seen.  The icing on the cake was finally hearing Captain America says “Avenger’s Assemble”, something we’ve been waiting to hear since 2012.

The ending of the film was great and giving the final Avengers’ their send-off with actors signing their autographs was the perfect touch. The most emotional was off course Natasha, Tony and Steve, who it looks like, are done with the MCU. 

So, what will be in the store for the future of MCU? Well, it looked like we have a new Captain America as Falcon takes on Steve’s mantle.

I was surprised and a bit disappointed that they didn’t go with Bucky to take on the mantle. But I am sure Falcon would make a good Captain America as I am very excited for the future of MCU.

This film was really awesome and it was really everything that I have expected and much more. It blew me away and I walked out of the theater feeling satisfied, sad and excited for the future.

 While going home from the theatre I thought I would pay my own tribute to this amazing movie. And what could be better than paying homage to my favourite superhero Iron Man.

So, I planned to draw the famous arc reactor that was portrayed in the latest Iron Man and Avenger movies.


As usual, I started off with lightly sketching the construction lines of the device and then building it up into a final sketch with a regular hard round brush while slightly lowering the flow.

W.I.P.- 2

Then slowly from a base color, I moved on to adding the details. I found out that adding details on this painting was quite a tough job as everything was silhouetted and was in the dark.

Keeping in mind that it was itself a light source, I shifted my detailing towards creating a base for my lighting effects.

With several colors and blending modes, I started to experiment with the lighting of the arc reactor. After a lot of trial and error method, I came up with this artwork.

W.I.P.- 3

Although I’ve completed that art I was still not satisfied I felt as if something was still missing. Then, after a few moments of introspection, I decided to modify it.

The ending of the movie Endgame was heart-breaking mainly because of the death of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff.

So, I asked myself, shouldn’t I paint a broken arc reactor to portray this message?

The arc reactor was Tony Stark’s heart, both literally and metaphorically. A broken arc reactor was a very unique way to show his demise.

So, after painting a few cracks, smoke, fire and experimenting with some dim lighting, I finally finished that piece.

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