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Type Tool in Adobe Illustrator


In Type tool in Adobe Illustrator, I’ll be discussing the basics and different options we have with the type tool.

To access the type tool go to the toolbar of the Adobe Illustrator interface and select the T tool. If you hover over the T tool, you can also see the name of the tool which is Type tool. Or for the shortcut, you can press T on your keyboard.

So, if we click and hold down type tool, you will see a fly-out menu open up. Here we will find the other type tools like:

  • Area Type tool
  • Type on the Path Tool
  • Vertical Type tool
  • Vertical Area Type Tool
  • Vertical Type on a Path Tool

On the extreme right-hand side of the fly-out menu, there is a small triangle. If you click on the triangle, the fly-out menu will convert into a small portable dialogue box. It will make our usage of type tool a bit easier.

After you select the type tool, you have to click on the Art board before you write anything. A blinking cursor will appear which will means you can write whatever your text is.

The only ways you can get out of this type tool selection is, by clicking on the selection Tool or press Ctrl + Enter or press ESC key on your keyboard.

If you select the type tool and then click, hold down and drag, you can make a box. And then you can type into this box or paste any text that you’ve copied.

After you’ve deselected the selection you can manipulate the shape of the box. The arrangement of text will change according to its shape.

The options in the type tool of Adobe Illustrator are similar to the options of type tool in Adobe Photoshop. To know more about type tool option you can see in my blog post on Type Panel in Adobe Photoshop.

Area Type Tool

You can take any shape, click on the edge of the path and start typing or place your text. And this text will fill the area that you’ve created. This option is very beneficial if you are making any info-graphics or icons. And you can apply all the type tool and paragraph options in your text.

Type on a Path Tool

If you create any shape, let’s say ellipse. And then after selecting this type option, you can click on the edge of the path. You will see a Squiggly blinking cursor over the edge of your shape. As you type you will see that your text will cover the edge of your shape.

You can chose direct selection tool and change the placement of the text by tampering with the direction handles.

If you hold Shift key and drag the text inside, your text will be inside the edge of the circle.

There is a small point in the edge of the path which is used manipulate the shape of the path. By selecting the direct selection tool while clicking and dragging on it. This will not distort the type but it can distort the space of the type.

Vertical Type Options in the Type Tool

This is a Type tool where it types downwards. Create a rectangle, type any text while selecting this type tool. Then the text will fill the rectangle with the text running from top to bottom. It will be same for the Vertical Area or Vertical Type on Path Tool.

Wrapping Text around Graphics

To wrap a text around any image or graphics. First you have to select the type tool and drag out the text box then write or copy your text.

After that import the graphics or any shape you want to wrap around and place it over the text box. (Image reference below)

Then select both graphic and text and go to object in the menu bar and select the text wrap option. A fly-out menu will open up as you hover your cursor over the text wrap option. The first option in this menu is Make and you need to select on that. And this option will automatically wrap your text around your object.

There is another option available in Adobe Illustrator for doing this wrapping. It is, if you want to wrap your text around a bit more complicated shape. Drag the text box and write your text on the same way as I’ve described above.

Now, go to object in menu bar, select the text wrap. Then in the fly-out menu select the text wrap options which is under the Make option. As you click, a dialogue box which has offset option will open up. Here you can change the settings of the text wrap to fit more precisely around your shape or graphics.

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