Winning is not Everything

A few days ago, I saw an animation where many rats were running in a race of some kind. Stumping over one another they were going to a train station. Million of rats were waiting for a train to come.

In the meantime, an over boarded train came and only one rat got on board while others kept watching the scene. The rats were uncertain of everything. They just had one thing on their mind, their destination.

Without any passion and zeal, they were blindly racing for their goal, as if they were in an autopilot mode.

By watching this video I realized, aren’t we all living the same life? We are running blindly for some destination that we or our guardians have planned for us without knowing what its consequence would be.

In this rat race, we are in a craze to win. But have we ever thought what is the aftermath of that fate we call “victory”?

Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation here. A young man born in a perfect family and brought up by perfect parents with perfect moral values, living a lifestyle that everyone surrounding him decides is “good” for him.

He is working on his so-called “goals” that were pre-planned even before he was born. And by the fate of very good luck he “wins”, he accomplishes his goals.

Everyone surrounding him is happy, satisfied with the way his life turned out.  He is claimed as a champion by the whole world.

Now my question is… Is that young man is satisfied with his life? Is he satiated with his huge “win situation” or he just crushed his dream and is living in the Golden Cage that the society has created for him.

If that man is in his right mind then he will know that he is living a life of a prisoner or in my words a “puppet”. Deep down in his mind, he knows that this WINNING is “senseless”.

Every human being has a purpose in his or her life, which is innately associated with their passion.  And discovering this passion and exploring it can cause the biggest satisfaction in anyone’s life.

Winning is definitely not everything here. The experience that we gather from exploring our passion helps us to achieve our higher self and grow in life, and winning or losing is just a part of that experience.

If we ever win we can take it as a confidence boost and if we lose we can take it as a lesson to learn from our mistakes and shortcomings.

On the other hand, following your passion and putting your desire forward need lots of courage when you are living in a society with lots of boundations.

The strength of fighting against all odds sometimes dies down when the situation becomes too adverse. But the determination and concentration for working on our passion definitely makes our task easier and gets us through all that hardships.

Now, let me explain to you my perception of victory and how I plan to achieve it.

If you want something to happen you have to go and get it, no one’s going to do that for you.  And three keys to making that happen are Perspective and Strategy. We must constantly send our brains feedbacks in order to create the best response.

Perspective is quite simply the lens we view life through. Our perspective is the combination of our nature and nurture to the less very point. We all view life through a certain lens. Your perspective is your lens.

Our perspective changes in every second of every day. I tend to think my perspective grow with every experience even the negative ones.

The most important thing here is making the correct decision as it literally shapes your life. A decision is like checkpoints in your life.

Now, as I am starting to look deeper into this I am realizing that this decision-making process is more of a philosophy, and you can reflect on your day’s events.

This could be a good or bad conversation you had, compliments you get or just something you’ve observed throughout the day. By always observing our perspective we can ensure the growth in our perception.

And only communication at the forefront can greatly enhance your chances of success. I believe in a strange thing and that might quite relate to this situation. I believe that our consciousness lags behind events.

So when we think an event occurs it had already happened, for the brain has a chance to create the memory.

Now things might be getting a bit confusing to you. Here, I mean that we share descriptions of experiences and not the experience itself.

And why is that, because we all have a very different perspective, different emotions, nature, and most importantly different ideas.

I remember a quote from an inspirational saint Swami Vivekananda,

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

No one has a real power to teach you how to anything in life, only you could do that yourself. And the sole reason for this notion is because you have your own perspective.

And you’re the only one who truly knows this perspective. Perspective is engraved in our DNA and it’s truly what’s separates us as individuals.

As I explained above my next step is the strategy. A strategy could be anything, connecting two thoughts or perspective.

Sometimes the game plan isn’t to make money, 80% of what I do is mostly to gain experience.

I enjoy teaching young people the principles of Graphic Design, animation, art and helping others to succeed in life. This is all part of my strategy.

Now, throughout these years I’ve learned a lot from my experience. By building people up and complementing them we are filling their buckets of self-esteem and also building up our own.

By breaking their spirit, making fun of them lowers our self-esteem and confidence too. When our bucket is full we feel great and when it is empty we feel quite disgusting.

Here, when I say bucket I mean a metaphor for our personal network. My strategy has been and always will be to build people up. And that desire drove me to be a Teacher from such an introvert person.

My desire forced me to be a person I am today, that makes me really proud and I consider this is my victory.  It’s a process which I love to explore. It helps me to grow into my higher self and gives me my purpose in life.

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